"An amazingly charming and enlightening book about a grandfather, his grandchild and backyard squirrels.  With a mixture of suspense and discovery, the story opens the eyes of children to the wonders of nature."  Gary Clark, Nature Columnist for the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express News

"I bought this book at Christmas for my grandchildren and they all loved it.  My 7 year old read it to me from front to back as soon as he got it.  We laughed together and enjoyed the colorful detailed pictures on each page.  Make reading time a fun time with this book.  It's sure to be a favorite."


"When you're a kid you can be fascinated by things most adults take for granted and I like how this story captures that.  It captures that sense of wonder, that idea that the world is filled with tiny adventures.  The illustrations are colorful and full of a playful energy - everything about this book brings a smile to the face.  Delightful."

Seventh Ward Productions

"Want to have a fun time reading and laughing with your little ones?  Snuggle along side one another and read this beautifully illustrated book. Bought for my grandchild, great nieces and nephews.  Great gift for Father's Day too.  Gift of time together with laughing as the cherry on top."

Delores M. Hall

"I love this children's book.  The story is great and the illustrations are charming.  I love the way the family shares what's happening in their own backyard.  On top of all that, the nature is correct.  It's perfect."  Kathy Adams Clark, KAC Productions - Past President North American Nature Photography Association